Adagio offers you different payment possibilities so you can choose the one you feel the most comfortable with!

1) Debit Card:

At checkout you will be allowed to choose debit card as a payment option. Just fill your card details and Voila.

*Adagio does not keep any of your details, and it is a secure place. Visit our privacy policy or general sales conditions for more information about this.

2) Paypal

If you have a paypal account, feel free to use it! At checkout you will be given the option to pay with Paypal. Just log into your account and done. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

3) Cashback

If you prefer to pay with cash once your order arrives to you, feel free to do so.

This option of payment may only apply to customers that are buying from spain or being delivered to Spain.


We have a Currency Menu on the left of our page. Make sure to choose your currency before checkout! Otherwise payment will be automatically applied as Euros! (Interest in your card could be applied on you in this case depending on your bank).

Interests should not be charged to you when paying in a different currency, However this might depend on your bank. So if you do, contact your bank for more help or information on it.


Once the payment is made, Adagio does not keep any details of your account used. On this website we offer a secure payment service. If you want more information about this visit our General Conditions of Sale and  Privacy Policy pages.

Contact us for more information.

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